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Santal Royal Mysore Sandalwood Heartwood Oil – from 75 years old Sandalwood

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Santal Royal Mysore Sandalwood Heartwood Oil – from 75 years old Sandalwood

Santal Royal Mysore Sandalwood Heartwood Oil – from 75 years old Sandalwood
Santal Royal 75 years tree-Rare stock of authentic Mysore Sandalwood Heartwood Oil – Traditional copper distillation- 100% Pure and natural

We are presenting to you in very limited quantity the finest and the most precious of Mysore Sandalwood Oil.

As you will see we sell many different types of Sandalwood oil including one Vintage Sandalwood & Mitti that you will find in our listing.
Santal Royal Mysore Sandalwood
This is by far the most beautiful Mysore Sandalwood that I ever smelled personally, if you think you have tried the best sandalwood, then I can guarantee you have not, until you try this one. One customer just said that she felt like crying with joy when she smelled this oil. The other beautiful sandalwood variation is our vintage Sandal Mitti.

We used the highest grade of Mysore Sandalwood Heartwood and then made it into chips and shavings from it, the chips and shavings were then distilled in a copper still on low heat.

Royal Mysore opens with burst of sugary creamy floral notes into the air with very light minty nuances which then change into soft leathery creamy saffron notes that lasts on your skin for many hours.

This so beautiful that you will want to get more and more of it.

Genuine Mysore Sandalwood, I mean genuine and 75 plus years old heartwood is one of the rarest perfume materials. We were lucky to acquire this beautiful material and distilled it into this extremely exotic fragrance oil.

If you have tried Mysore Sandalwood oil before you will immediately smell the magical notes in this oil that you may not have smelled before. This is not an ordinary sandalwood oil but a masterpiece made only with the rarest of Mysore Sandalwood and not Sandalwood from other cities in India.

Its just beautiful and can be worn on the skin directly.

Royal Mysore deserves to be kept in an equally precious bottle. We looked through the collection of our crystal bottles and decided to use this beautiful hand crafted crystal bottle that come with a glass applicator attached to the cap itself. The bottle itself is 30 USD our cost price. So you are paying for quality and that is truly unmatched.


1 gram, 2.5 grams, 5.5 grams, 10.5 grams

Availability Now available in-store at
AROMOLOGY & OUDOLOGIE OUD & PERFUMES Shop 15 Ground Floor, Union Cooperative Mall, Nad Al Hamar Dubai

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