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Attar Sandal Maulshree – Vintage 1985 – Mimusops elengi

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Attar Sandal Maulshree – Vintage 1985 – Mimusops elengi

Attar Sandal Maulshree – Vintage 1985 – Mimusops elengi
We are pleased to present to you one of the most exotic attars and found a batch that was made in the early 80s Attar Sandal Maulshree.

Maulshree aka Mimusops elengi is a medium-sized evergreen tree found in tropical forests in South Asia, Southeast Asia and northern Australia. English common names include Spanish cherry, medlar, and bullet wood. Its timber is valuable, the fruit is edible, and it is used in traditional medicine. As the trees give thick shade and flowers emit fragrance, it is a prized collection of gardens.

Now lets talk about the attar, we are constantly researching and finding attars and oils that are exotic, aged and made by the attar masters.

Sandal Maulshree is made using the Spanish cherry tree and co distilled with Mysore Sandalwood oil. The flowers from this tree are known for their fragrance even after being dried in the sun.

The fragrance opens with a bitter sweet note, hint of beetle leaf, very slight green, earthy and this could be possibly due to the distillation pots and firewood, it slowly develops into a creamy powdery note accompanied by the Mysore sandalwood that is sweet creamy sandal, for a good few hours.

If you like vintage perfumes and attar oils, have love for Mysore Sandalwood, then this is a must add to your collection.

The oil comes in high quality glass bottle with a glass applicator. The bottle on display is 3 gram design, depending on the size the design of the bottle will change.

Origin: India
Plant parts used: Wood and flowers


2.5 grams, 5.5 grams, 10.5 grams

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