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Tonka beans Absolute - Brazil - Dipteryx odorata

WHAT IS AN ABSOLuTE in perfumery?

What is ab absolute? Absolutes are used in perfumery and aromatherapy, absolutes are similar to essential oils. They are concentrated, highly aromatic, oily mixtures extracted from plants. Whereas essential oils are produced by distillation, boiling or pressing, absolutes are produced through solvent extraction, or more traditionally, through enfleurage. In the photo you are seeing the Tonka beans, these beans are processed in organic solvent to produce a thick

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Queen of flowers

Did you know there are 30,000 varieties of roses in the world and in terms of the roses that produce oils? Rose essential oil is produced in Turkey and Bulgaria by water distillation of fresh flowers of R. damascena Miller (damask rose). The cultivated variety is called “trigintipetala,” meaning“ having 30 petals.” The characteristic scent

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