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Sandalwood by Aromology

All you need to know about sandalwood

Which is the best sandalwood in the world?

Used for centuries in perfumery and traditional medicine, in the Indian and Chinese culture, sandalwood oil is a highly sought after not only for its distinct creamy woody aroma but also in aromatherapy. Its use extends beyond oil to sandalwood sticks or powder as a beauty product as well as chips to be used in bakhoor production.

Extracted from the heartwood and roots of the sandalwood tree and steam distilled to produce its oil, it is unique in that its complex base is both a fixative and a unique signature fragrance in its own right. One lesser-known fact is that the tree is a semi parasitic tree where it obtains its nutrients by attaching its suckers to the roots of other trees.

The most well-known and revered species is the Santalum album, originally from Mysore, India. The species is now grown across South Asia, though India and Sri Lanka are known to have the best Sandalwood.

The Indian Santalum Album is creamy, floral, woody, sweet and long lasting and great for deer musk, ambergris and other macerations. Sri Lankan Sandalwood oil is different with its Lactonic, almost tropical base, pineapple with hints of salty nuances that changes slowly to a creamy wood. It reminds me of the saltiness of Pralines and cream.

The species closet to the Santalum album is the Pacific Santalum (Santalum austrocaledonicum) with the same warm, buttery aroma but softer and creamier than the Indian and Sri Lankan oil.  Both species have the same chemical profile of a high content of alpha and beta santalol.

Santalum austrocaledonicum was first discovered in 1840 on Pins Island, New Caledonia and now found here and in Vanuatu, Australia.

In contrast to the Indian and Pacific sandalwood oil, the Australian species, known as the Santalum spicatum has a lower santalol content which is reflected by its more woody scent.

Originally used by the aboriginal Australians for food and medicine, it was only exported after the arrival of the Europeans. Along with the Indian species, sustainability of all sandalwood oils is a priority for the producer and consumer and one which will determine the quantity and quality of what you buy in the future.

At Aromology we bring to you the best quality and the largest collection of Sandalwood oils under one roof, below is the range of Sandalwood oils in our collection. Checkout our online shop to see our entire range and much more.

Mysore Sandalwood heartwood oil – Santalum Album

Vintage Mysore Sandalwood oil – Santalum Album

Indian Sandalwood oil – Santalum Album

High grade Sandalwood oil from Sri Lanka – Santalum Album

Artisanal Sandalwood oil from Sri Lanka – Santalum Album

Australian Sandalwood oil – Santalum Spicatum

New Caledonian Sandalwood oil – Santalum austrocaledonicum

Vanuatu Sandalwood oil – Santalum austrocaledonicum

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