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Queen of flowers

Did you know there are 30,000 varieties of roses in the world and in terms of the roses that produce oils?

Rose essential oil is produced in Turkey and Bulgaria by water distillation of fresh flowers of R. damascena Miller (damask rose). The cultivated variety is called “trigintipetala,” meaning“ having 30 petals.” The characteristic scent given off by these flowers is highly regarded by perfumers.

Rose distillation for the production of rose oil and rose water probably originated in Persia. By the 17th century, rose cultivation had spread to India and Turkey. There is evidence of rose cultivation for the production of rose water in European Turkey dating to the 17th century.

In late 19th century, rose oil cultivation was initiated in several provinces of Turkey through a royal decree. Over time, however, the Isparta and Burdur provinces in southwest Anatolia have become the only cultivation and production sites.

Now history and background aside, the roses used in the making of our rose oil were harvested from the mountainous areas in Isparta, as you will see in the photos, the villagers start off early in the morning before sunrise and start plucking the rose from the plants that are grown in the wild. So two main things here to note are that our oil is from the mountain roses and from wild and this is what makes it truly a great oil.

As soon as you open the bottle you will smell the sweetness of the honeyed rose petals that are warm, heady, with immense depth and character.

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