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King Kalakassi Oud Oil – Nagaland

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King Kalakassi aka KK – Wild Platinum Grade Agarwood Oud Oil from Nagaland- 100% Pure & Natural

You have just stepped into the luxury category of agarwood oils.

Searching for raw material for creating KK was most challenging. We could not pick any black /coal black Kalakassi at randomly. We were looking for something rich with resinous wood suitable for distillation. We finally got some old naturally infected wood which is rare to find and even if you happen to find it the price is definitely high.

The result !!! From the 1st draw from the distillation I had an intuition that this oil was going to be something very very special.
Mild green bitter kinamic medicinal type top notes may not seem to be Hindi. Surely a mind buzzer with lots of sesquiterpenes. The top noted fades away giving a cool fruity aroma. Then the middle notes are honey glazed wood dipped in Borneo elixir. Its has a beautiful Borneo vibe similar to what you find in a very refined Borneo oud oils. The middle note seems addictive as well as enchanting.
At this point one may think Hindi oud oils are totally unexplored. The base note is soft woody very light spicy.

As a oud collector (not a distiller ) this is a legendary oud oil and very much a collectable.

We only have few grams left, most of the oil was sold before being put on the market.

The oil comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a glass stick applicator.


1 gram, 2.5 grams


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