Trat Oud Borai from Thailand


Trat Oud Borai from Thailand


Trat Oud Borai from Thailand

100% Natural – Traditional Copper Distillation

Trat, a province in Thailand’s southeastern corner, borders Cambodia along the Cardamom Mountains. With a coast on the Gulf of Thailand, the province encompasses numerous islands with white-sand beaches and coral reefs, many of which lie within Mu Ko Chang National Park.

This Oud comes from the Bo Rai region which is also in Trat province in eastern Thailand, near the Khao Banthat Mountain Range in Cambodia. It has lot of similarities with Trat Oud, however Borai is lot sweeter and has its own character and is gourmand, slight salty and chocolatey, creamy, raisins, sweet tamarind, and woody notes. This one also reminds me of Hanian Oud.

All bottles are made of good quality glass and comes with a inbuilt glass applicator.


2.5 grams, 5.5 grams, 10.5 grams


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