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Kalakassi Khas – Agarwood Oud Oil – 100% Pure & Natural

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Kalakass Khas – Hindi Indian Oud Oil – Dehnal Oud Agarwood Perfume Oil- Aquilaria Agallocha – 100% Pure & Natural

Kalakassi Khas – Hindi Indian Oud Oil – Dehnal Oud Agarwood Oil- Aquilaria Agallocha – 100% Pure & Natural

Introducing one more legendary Oud perfume oil, Kalakass Khas.

This is a special batch of this legendary oud.

Kalakassi Oud wood comes from trees where the infection in the wood that produces the agarwood resin doesn’t penetrate the heartwood. In the photo you will see a dark inner circle, this is the infected Kalakassi Oud, these trees are normally aged 80+ years to produce such high grade Oud. Kala means black in Hindi and possibly the name was derived based on how this looks.

The wood is carefully crafted to extract a bark of wood and this is Kalakassi, its dark resinous and very complex. The result of the carving is large Cinnamon like but large chunks.

Our Kalakassi was produced by using the top grade of the material used for the distillation and cooked in a copper still to produce this bold Oud oil.

Kalakassi Gold Oud is sweet, bitter, incense with slight smokey, ambery nuances, there is no barnyard notes in this one.

This Oud oil is full bodied and long lasting. Just a dab on your skin will lasts for 7 to 8 hours easily. Its not going anywhere even after washing hands.

The Oud of Aquilaria Agallocha is the most legendary and revered species of Agarwood.

Stock is limited.

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The oil comes in a high quality glass bottle with a glass applicator.


1 gram, 2.5 grams, 5.5 grams, 10.5 grams

Availability Now available in-store at
AROMOLOGY & OUDOLOGIE OUD & PERFUMES Shop 15 Ground Floor, Union Cooperative Mall, Nad Al Hamar Dubai

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