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Wild Oud Boya – Aquilaria Agallocha – India

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Wild Oud Boya – Agarwood Oil – Aquilaria Agallocha – 100% Pure & Natural

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Wild Oud Boya – Agarwood Oil – Aquilaria Agallocha – 100% Pure & Natural

Before I talk about Oud Boya – I would like to clarify that this is not a final product but a material for creating Oud based perfumes and blends

When making Oud based perfumes, the perfumers find it hard and expensive to make perfumes with a refined Oud oil, mainly because of the price. However in my years in perfumery I have appreciated Oud Boya more and more in my Oud perfumes. The cost of Oud Boya oil is significantly less than the final refined Oud oils, our Boya carries all the notes that you will find in an Oud oil but cheaper.

Perfumers refer to Boya as Aetoxylon Oil but our Boya is not the cheaper cousin of Oud but the Oud itself and a bi product of our Indian Oud oils. If you have already tried Boya, you will find this one to be the best.

Our Oud Boya come mostly from the second and third distillations of making the Oud oils, the first distillation, which is the purest form is the Oud Oil perfume and the oil that come from the second and third distillation is heavily used in perfumery and this is what we call Boya (NOT Aetoxylon 🙂

You can call it Oud Absolute if you like, as it come from the same material that is used for making Oud oils.

Oud Boya is rich, Smokey, Ambery, Woody, has slight barn and of course woody and the color is dark brown.

The consistency is waxy, reminiscent of Guaicwood and easily becomes liquid with gentle warming or Bain Marie/ warm water bath.

On a blotter the scent remains for 48 hours or more


10 grams

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