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Oud Collection box of Hindi Agarwood Chips & Oils

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Oud Collection box of Hindi Agarwood Chips & Oils

Oud Collection box of Hindi Agarwood Chips & Oils

Oud Collection of best Indian (Hindi) Oud oils and chips. We made this at the special request from a new client who was looking for a collection of our best oils and here it is.

Oud Collection box contains:

1. 10 grams of Very high-grade triple super Hindi Agarwood chips from Manipur, India
2. Oud Assam 50 – 2.5 grams
3. Oud Shami – 2.5 grams (Only 12 grams of this oud is remaining in our stock and you will not see the same batch ever again)

Triple super Oud Chips – Muri
Agarwood is generally classified according to the content of oil in the wood, color and shape
Indian Agarwood is long lasting after it’s burned. It has the notes of incense, sweet creamy and woody. Much sweeter than agarwood from other countries, they are classified by their shape and the part of the tree it’s extracted from.

Oud Assam 50 – Natural Agarwood Oil from Assam, India – Also known as Oud Assam
From 50 + years old trees. If you would like to experience the best Oud from the Indian subcontinent, this is it.
This is the same Oud of the Bible and prophetic traditions.
The Oud of Aquilaria Agallocha, the most legendary and revered species of Agarwood.
Our Oud oil was selected after going through 250 different varieties of Oud oils.
This is a very complex, deep woody fragrance, reminiscent of amber. It has a balsamic, ambergris, woody, light barn yard, deep fragrance.

Oud Shami – This is also Oud of Aquilaria Agallocha
We found this oud stored in a warehouse for more than 5 years. The actual year of distillation is unknown but it is believed the oil was distilled in 1999.
The color is golden yellow like honey which is very unusual for Indian Oud which is typically dark brown. Color depends of many factors but the main reason for a golden color is due to the use of high-grade agarwood.
The scent is sweet creamy, clean, woody, slightly powdery and reminiscent of amber and honey.
To experience the many nuances of this unique substance is like a journey on the road to spiritual perfection.
Obtained by distillation of the highest quality of agar-wood (Oud) by hydro distillation.
Stock is limited. Order now!


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