Luxury Oud Collection of Indian & Thai Oud

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Luxury Oud Collection of Indian & Thai Oud

Luxury Oud Collection of Indian & Thai Oud

Luxury Oud Collection -Perfume Oil – Experience box – Oud Seufi Assam – Oud Prachin & Rose – Oud Bormi – 24 Grams Hindi Suefi Agarwood Chips
Collection of Three distinct perfume Oud Oils 3 ml each & 24 grams of Indian Agarwood Chips
The box contains the following Oud Oils and chips
1) Oud Suefi Al Maliki from Assam India – A very popular Oud oil with sweet, woody, well balanced barnyard and earthy notes
2) Oud Prachin (Thailand) & Pink Indian Rose – Another favorite combination of warm, woody, sweet creamy oud blended with Indian Pink rose that was traditionally distilled in Kannauj India
3) Oud Bormi – This is a Burmese Black Oud Oil (Agarwood) artisanal distilled, ambery, balsamic chocolatey, tamarind and Woody
4) Indian Oud – Agarwood Chips – High quality Indian agarwood chips – High quality incense

All oils are long last and are made from high quality materials.

The box inner lining is made of velvet type material and the box is made of high quality wood board.


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