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Hyraceum Absolute – South Africa – 100% Concentrated

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Hyraceum absolute is a rare and highly prized substance in the world of perfumery, revered for its complex and captivating scent profile.

Hyraceum Absolute – South Africa – 100% Concentrated

Hyraceum absolute is a rare and highly prized substance in the world of perfumery, revered for its complex and captivating scent profile. Derived from the petrified and aged excrement of the hyrax, a small mammal native to Africa and the Middle East, hyraceum undergoes a unique transformation over millions of years. This process results in a substance that not only holds a rich olfactory history but also boasts remarkable sustainability and ethical sourcing.

The extraction of hyraceum absolute is a testament to patience and natural processes. It begins with the discovery of ancient deposits of hyraceum, often found in caves or rocky crevices where hyraxes have historically inhabited. These deposits, known as “middens,” contain fossilized urine and feces from hyraxes, which have undergone mineralization over centuries due to pressure, heat, and microbial action.

The extraction process itself involves careful excavation and cleaning of the hyraceum, followed by meticulous grinding and soaking in alcohol to draw out the aromatic components. This method preserves the integrity of the scent while ensuring minimal environmental impact and upholding ethical standards.

The scent profile of hyraceum absolute is truly distinctive and multifaceted. It is often described as earthy, animalic, and leathery, with deep, resinous undertones. At first impression, hyraceum offers a bold and primal aroma, reminiscent of ancient forests and rugged landscapes. As it develops on the skin, it reveals softer nuances of tobacco, ambergris, and musk, creating a harmonious balance between raw intensity and refined elegance.

The longevity of hyraceum absolute is another notable characteristic, as its scent evolves gracefully over time, akin to the aging process that formed it. This longevity makes it a valuable ingredient in perfumery, where it adds depth and complexity to compositions ranging from niche fragrances to high-end blends.

Hyraceum absolute stands as a testament to the intersection of nature’s ingenuity and human appreciation for unique olfactory experiences. Its extraction method, rooted in geological processes and sustainable practices, ensures both its rarity and ethical integrity. The scent profile of hyraceum absolute, with its primal yet sophisticated notes, continues to captivate perfumers and fragrance enthusiasts alike, offering a journey through time and the essence of the Earth itself.

For those who seek perfumes that embody history, sustainability, and a connection to the natural world, hyraceum absolute remains a cherished treasure waiting to be discovered.

Scent notes: Leathery, Animalic, Tobacco, Civet, Oudy
Country of Origin: South Africa
Extraction Method: Solvent Extraction


3 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams

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