Civet Absolute – Gold grade – Viverra civetta – Ethiopia


Civet Absolute – Gold grade – Viverra civetta – Ethiopia


Civet Absolute – Gold grade – Viverra civetta – Ethiopia

Civet is a wonder of nature and when used in trace amounts can be floral, fruity, creamy vanillic, animalic.
Do not try to test how good the material by inhaling straight from the tin 🙂 you will not like it at all but when you use it in low dose, you can expect the skanky, fecal notes to disappear and enjoy the fine aroma.

Civet is also an extremely great fixative and upon ageing the blend you can expect high level of lasting power.

This Civet has gone through solvent extraction and is free from bacteria and other impurities. What you will find in the market is untreated raw paste that has a number of impurities.

Odor Description: Animalic, scatol, warm, Vanilla, floral
Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Plant Part: Gland secretion
Extraction type: Solvent extraction


1 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams

Availability Now available in-store at
AROMOLOGY & OUDOLOGIE OUD & PERFUMES Shop 15 Ground Floor, Union Cooperative Mall, Nad Al Hamar Dubai

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