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Choya Loban Essential oil – Boswellia Serrata (India) – 10 grams

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Wild Choya Loban Essential oil – Boswellia Serrata – 100% Pure & Natural

Wild Choya Loban Essential oil – Boswellia Serrata – 100% Pure & Natural

In the realm of fragrances, Choya Loban stands as a testament to the ancient art of perfumery. Derived from the resin of the Boswellia serrata tree, Choya Loban captivates with its rich, smoky aroma that has transcended centuries and cultures. Its scent profile and extraction process weave a tale of tradition, craftsmanship, and reverence for nature’s gifts.

Choya Loban’s fragrance is a complex interplay of earthy, resinous, and balsamic notes, underscored by a distinct smokiness. Upon first encounter, one is greeted by a warm, woody aroma reminiscent of ancient forests. As it unfurls, layers of resinous sweetness emerge, evoking images of sacred ceremonies and time-honored rituals. The fragrance is deepened by a subtle hint of spice, adding depth and complexity to its character. Finally, a veil of smokiness blankets the scent, leaving a lingering impression of mystique and intrigue.

The process of extracting Choya Loban is a meticulous craft passed down through generations. It begins with the careful collection of resin from the Boswellia serrata tree, often found in the dry regions of India. Harvesters make incisions in the tree’s bark, allowing the resin to ooze out and form tear-shaped droplets. These tears are then collected and left to harden in the sun, where they develop their characteristic aroma.

Choya Loban is extracted using traditional method of dry distillation carried out in an earthenware known as ‘Choya’ and hence the name Choya.

Choya Loban holds profound cultural significance in many traditions around the world. In ancient civilizations, it was revered for its purifying properties and used in religious ceremonies to cleanse the spirit and sanctify sacred spaces. Its association with spirituality and transcendence endures to this day, with Choya Loban often used in meditation and mindfulness practices to evoke a sense of grounding and inner peace.

In the modern world, Choya Loban continues to enchant with its timeless allure. Its rich, smoky fragrance finds expression in perfumery, where it adds depth and character to a wide range of compositions. It is also valued in aromatherapy for its grounding and calming properties, offering solace in moments of stress and uncertainty. Additionally, Choya Loban is used in incense blends, where its aromatic smoke is believed to ward off negative energy and promote spiritual harmony.

In essence, Choya Loban embodies the timeless allure of nature’s bounty, weaving together fragrance, tradition, and cultural significance in a tapestry of olfactory splendor. Its journey from tree to essence is a testament to the ingenuity of humanity and the enduring bond between mankind and the natural world.

Great product in perfumery in the creation of incense accords. This is a very powerful material and we recommend usage in trace amounts or in dilution.

Odor Description: Smokey, sweet resinous, woody-balsamic undertone.
Country of Origin: India
Plant Part Used: Resin
Appearance: Deep Brown Black liquid


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