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Betel Leaf Essential Oil – Otto – Piper betle – India

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Betel Leaf Essential oil

Betel Leaf Essential Oil – Otto – Piper betle – India

Betel leaf essential oil is derived from the leaves of the betel plant (Piper betle), is a cherished essential oil renowned for its aromatic richness and other traditional uses.

The method for extracting betel leaf oil is steam distillation. This process involves exposing betel leaves to steam in a distillation apparatus. The steam breaks down the plant’s cellular structure, releasing its aromatic compounds. These vapors are then condensed back into liquid form, resulting in a concentrated betel leaf essential oil. Steam distillation is favored because it preserves the delicate aromatic profile and therapeutic properties of the plant.

Betel leaf essential oil’s complex composition includes compounds such as phenols, terpenes, and sesquiterpenes. These constituents contribute to its distinctive scent. Phenols like chavibetol and eugenol impart a warm, spicy aroma, while terpenes offer fresh, herbaceous notes. Sesquiterpenes add depth and longevity to its fragrance profile.

Betel leaf essential oil boasts a multifaceted scent profile that blends spicy, musky, herbaceous, and woody notes with a subtle sweetness. Its aroma is reminiscent of freshly crushed leaves, with hints of fennel, clove and pepper. This complex fragrance makes betel leaf oil a prized ingredient in perfumery, where it adds depth and intrigue to floral, oriental, and spicy compositions.

Scent notes: Crushed green leaves, musky, spicy, fennel, pepper, cloves
Country of Origin: India
Extraction Method: Steam Distillation


3 grams, 5 grams, 10 grams

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