Vietnam AAAA Oud Skins- 100% Natural Agarwood without paint


Bisa Muri – VIP Grade- 100% Natural Agarwood without paint


Vietnam AAAA Oud Skins- 100% Natural Agarwood without paint

We are happy to introduce the Vietnam Oud skins to our customers.
These are flat oud sheets and very popular in the middle east

Agarwood in Vietnam is classified into 4 to 5 grades and around the same number of types.
The grades are AB+, AA, AAA, AAAA, VIP and Sinking

There are many types of agarwood in Vietnam and the most popular are as follows and the key difference is the size and shape of the chips, Agarwood is generally classified according to the content of oil in the wood, color and shape:

1) Muri – The size is around 3 cms and smells sweet and oudy
2) Bisa Muri – The size is around 4 to 6 cms and the shape is slightly different
3) Char – The size is around to 4 cms and its like thick potato crisps
4) Oud skins – These are very thin wood sheets

Fragrance of this VIP Muri is sweet, nuances of dried raisins, oudy and woody

In my opinion Muri and Bisa Muri are the best types of cultivated Agarwood from Vietnam.

This agarwood can be enjoyed by burning on charcoal, like the one I have used in the video. You may also use an electric burner.


1 Tola – 12 grams, 5 Tola – 60 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, 1 kilo

Availability Now available in-store at
AROMOLOGY & OUDOLOGIE OUD & PERFUMES Shop 15 Ground Floor, Union Cooperative Mall, Nad Al Hamar Dubai

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