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Pistachio Essential Oil – France – Pistacia vera

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Pistachio Essential Oil – France – Pistacia vera

Pistachio Essential Oil – France – Pistacia vera

Pistachio nut  oil is in great demand for skin care, however the essential oil of the peel is little known, this is a great material in perfumery. This pale yellow oil is greeny and sharp and perfect for citrus perfumes or green perfumes.

Pistachio peel oil, derived from the outer shell of the pistachio nut, offers a unique olfactory experience that captures the essence of lush greenery and crispy citrus nuances. Revered for its distinctive aroma and versatile applications, pistachio peel oil serves as a prized ingredient in the realm of perfumery.

Extracting pistachio peel oil is a meticulous process that involves careful handling of the outer shell of the pistachio nut to capture its aromatic essence. The journey begins with the harvesting of ripe but not fully dried pistachio nuts, primarily cultivated in regions such as Persian Gulf, Turkey, and the United States, where optimal growing conditions foster the development of flavorful nuts.

Once harvested, the pistachio nuts undergo a processing phase where the outer shells are carefully removed to reveal the prized green kernels within. It is from these discarded outer shells that pistachio peel oil is extracted, ensuring no part of the nut goes to waste.

The extraction process typically involves steam distillation, a method revered for its ability to capture the volatile aromatic compounds present in plant materials. The pistachio peel shells are subjected to steam, which gently breaks down the cell walls and releases the essential oil trapped within. As the steam carries the aromatic molecules upwards, they are condensed back into a liquid state, yielding the precious pistachio peel oil.

Following extraction, the oil undergoes a purification process to remove any impurities and ensure its quality and potency. The resulting oil is a concentrated elixir, capturing the essence of pistachio peel in its purest form, ready to enhance fragrances with its unique and vibrant aroma.

The scent profile unfolds with vibrant green accords, reminiscent of freshly cut grass and leafy foliage. These green notes infuse the fragrance with a sense of vitality and freshness, invigorating the senses with their crisp and lively character.

In perfumery, pistachio peel oil serves as a versatile ingredient, enhancing a wide range of fragrance compositions with its unique and vibrant aroma. Whether used as a supporting note or as the star of the show, pistachio peel oil adds a touch of freshness and complexity to fragrances, inviting perfumers on a sensory journey through nature’s lush landscapes and bountiful orchards.

Odor description:  Green, sharp, citrus, grass

Country of Origin: France

Plant Part Used: Peel

Extraction Method: Steam Distillation

All our products are USDA, Ecocert, COSMOS certified

Warning: For external use only. Dilute in a carrier oil. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If pregnant, nursing, taking any medications, consult your doctor. If skin sensitivity occurs discontinue use.


5 ml, 10 ml

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