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Aguru – Premium Assam Oud Oil from Upper Assam

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Aguru – Premium Assam Oud Oil from Upper Assam

Aguru – Premium Assam Oud Oil from Upper Assam

Aguru – Premium Assam Oud Oil is Wild Premium Grade Agarwood Hindi Oud Oil from upper Assam – 100% Pure & Natural

You have just stepped into the luxury category of agarwood oils.

In the vast array of agarwood, the Assamese had always been and would always be the pinnacle. When meticulously cleaned, almost free from boya, resinous wood is in the ‘copper still’, and distilled with a yogi like focus, never missing the minutest detail of artisanal distillation technique, the distillate will be pure and just pure oudy gold magma and this is Aguru.

Aguru – Premium Assam Oud Oil the highest grade of Assam oud oil there is currently produced by anyone. This is no exaggeration but in my experience no one has ever distilled oud oil from such high grade agarwood.

‘Aguru’ is an enrapturing multi-dimensional Oud oil. Breezy oceanic bitterness in the top notes smell so grounding and elevating that one wants to let them stay forever. The moment scent evolves and sheer beauty ‘Aguru’ unveils itself, one’s olfactory is blessed with delicately sweet and spicy white pepper soaked in wild honey harvested from sugarcane fields.

This is literally like living the fourth dimension of Oud oil.

Still more to come! Next, Agallocha oudy woody fumes rising from a mica plate placed on a subitism heater are Aguru’s heart notes. Here the oil emits the fragrance of intact Assamese countryside. Hay and rain, forest and soil and sunset and pile of wood. Essence of all these mother natures phenomena is Aguru.

Its rich and deep aroma would last on the skin for a long time, and in your mind forever.

We only have few grams left, most of the oil was sold before being put on the market.

The oil comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a glass stick applicator.


1 gram, 2.5 grams

Availability Now available in-store at
AROMOLOGY & OUDOLOGIE OUD & PERFUMES Shop 15 Ground Floor, Union Cooperative Mall, Nad Al Hamar Dubai

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